Created By Nature. 

In Buildev Marble our passion is to deliver the highest quality of greek marble while emphasizing the art of natures creation.


Our history spans for over two decades. Since our foundation in 2002, our company has accomplished many of its achievements one of them being expanding internationally in the stone industry.


The history of Buildev Marble spans nearly two decades of exceptional track record and experience in marble processing. Ensuring the highest quality on all of our products.


Our facility covers a total area of 20.000 sq. m, which hosts our head offices and production departments.

Our production departments consist of a Block cutting & processing and slab production line, our floor & tile and large dimension production line as well as a special dimension & special marble constructions production line.

On the other side our head offices host the Logistics, Management and Personnel offices, Production.

Our building facilities are currently being extended with new production areas, new Management offices as well as new marble exhibition areas.

Quality 100%
Design 100%
Custom 100%
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Projects All Over The World


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