Myconos Plot

    Nearby Lia one of the most popular locations in Myconos at the region of Tigani, our company owns a plot of 14000sqm with a breathtaking view to the Aegean blue and the small island of Dragonisi. It is suitable for the development of luxury seaside houses, including swimming pools with panoramic views.

Architect: Dimitris Rizos

Developer: Kouklas Anagnostis
                Buildev s.a.

Thassos Island - Plot

A 26000 sqm plot placed in a unique location of outstanding natural beauty, viewing the small island of Grambousa. It is situated just off the 1st km of Scala Potamia - Kinira. It has an easy access from the main route as a private road leads directly to this piece of land, making it seem like entering a small piece of Paradise.
Suitable for building development.
Alternative ways of exploitation also on discuss.


"BUILDING DEVELOPMENT S.A." has decided that the main distinctive will refer to the constructive area, while in the fields of Real Estate Management and AMrbles - Granites, the commercial distinctive will be BUILDEV S.A. coming from the foreign distinctive BUILDING DEVELOPMENT S.A.

Building plot buying

"BUILDING DEVELOPMENT S.A." bought a 15 m2 building plot within the INDUSTRIAL Area of Xanthi (Leuki) in order to develop investments in the marbles elaboration field.

Development & Maintenance